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Discover The Fastest Path to Cash Flow Without a Big List or Long Hours
Discover The Fastest Path to Cash Flow Without a Big List or Long Hours

Maximize Your Business From 6 figures to 7 figures and Beyond With A Strategic Plan

Learn How To

  • Create or update a sales system in days that pays for other investments in your business
  • ​Optimize the application process to work for your practice and the specific population you serve
  • ​Unlock high touch conversions: enhance and streamline your discovery call process and reduce friction for your ideal customer
  • ​Ignite the highest level social strategy, targeted messaging and BEST path to simplified conversions

Your Cash Flow
Through Information Overwhelm 
Your Ideal Customer On A Global Scale

Your Success/Growth Depends on a Proven Sales System and High Ticket Offers

Struggle with feeling inauthentic in your sales process?

Can’t seem to reach the level of profit you desire?

Feel trapped spending all of your time working IN your business, instead of ON it?

Know you aren’t charging what you are worth?

Scared to put yourself at the next level and get it wrong?

We understand that your sales process should feel effortless, authentic, and you should be earning limitless profits.

You Deserve High Ticket Selling to Free Up Time, Raise Your Rates, And Easily Build Your Expert Platform. 


 In this intensive hands on 12 week workshop, we will show you how to:

  • Avoid costly sales mistakes that business owners make
  • ​Reverse engineer your offers to bring in your biggest $$$$$ months yet
  • ​Stick strategies so leads don’t fall out once they commit
  • ​Learn the secrets of high ticket selling 
  • ​Discover your personal formula for high conversion
  • ​Create your post-purchase offer sequence
  • ​Learn how to leverage your list for upsells, downsells and referrals
  • ​Will create a Social and Messaging strategy that will attract move of your IDEAL avatar
  • ​Will learn the high percentage master class conversion formula 
Without a strategic roadmap in place, your ideal customer will never know you have a simple solution to help them. You need to be seen, heard, and understood. You're brilliant at what you do and it is your duty to let the world know. If your goal is to achieve the level of income that allows you more time freedom...
You need positioning that sells.

Natalie Jill and Sinclair Kennally have a combined 50 years of solid high impact sales experience. Not only have they walked the walk with their own brands and businesses, but they have helped hundreds of clients to find sales holes in their businesses, attract more the right clientele, and have helped them generate multiple 7 figures in revenue.

To see if you are a candidate for their upcoming hands on small group 12 week intensive coaching program apply today!

We begin May 2, 2023!

We’re tired of seeing good people with great ideas and great hearts struggle and not reach what they thought was possible. 

Natalie Jill knows from personal experience what it feels like to have challenges turning conversions into customers and raising her rates. Sinclair Kennally has struggled to use social tools to grow. We locked arms with each other to overcome these struggles and now it's time to let us help overcome these problems for you. 


Natalie Jill is a Creative Sales Strategist and Midlife Conversations Expert who helps women ReIgnite, ReDefine and ReBrand what aging has to mean! 

Over 50​ years old herself, she is changing conversations around age, potential and possibility! In addition to her Midlife Fat Loss Business, she helps entrepreneurs skyrocket their sales through upleveling their unique relatable and compelling STORY, expanding their brand online, and fixing their sales process

She used the exact methods she teaches to grow her globally recognized fat loss and fitness brand with well over 3 million social media followers worldwide, two best selling books, a top ranked podcast, and recognition from Forbes and Greatist several years running as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. 

Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC is an award-winning expert on chronic digestive illnesses, CEO of, host of Your Health Reset Podcast, and survivor of complex chronic illness.

She and her partner Michael Spandel specialize in resolving the root causes behind complex, chronic illness and digestive issues. Together, they've helped thousands of people from NASA scientists to authors to pro athletes to get their lives back. 

An award-winning sought after speaker, Sinclair has shared the stage with health and wellness luminaries such as Jack Canfield, JJ Virgin, Lisa Nichols, Sachin Patel, and Meghan Walker. She is also the cofounder of MeditationRx, a platform dedicated to people working on their health. 

Sinclair's mission is to help people to reclaim their health and rediscover their creative power, so they can be who they came here to be.

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